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  • Air and Water Balancing

    Constant Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) of HVAC equipment is imperative in evaluating the performance of the system. Examination of the system under actual operating conditions allows us to compare the current results to that of the original design. No…

  • Commissioning

    Commissioning is the process of providing the building owner with a system that is complete and meets the requirements of the intended design and original specifications. Commissioning of a HVAC system assures the owner that the building is fully functional…

  • Air Quality Testing

    An air quality test can be performed over an extended period of time. These tests measure the rise and fall in temperatures, humidity, dew point, particular allergens, chemical pollutants, as well as other air changes and pollutants. This device will…

  • Sound & Vibration Testing

    A building may have certain specifications for noise and vibration emission built into their original designs. In order to calibrate the proper noise and vibration requirements, measurements must be taken near equipment as well as in certain mechanical and low…